Dawn Cassara

CEO and Founder

    IF you’d like to make more in your business OR you’re just starting out,
    IF you’re working yourself to death or on an Income Roller Coaster,

    IF your website is not bringing in leads or customers,

    IF you’re focused on the next sale instead of repeats or referrals,

    IF you’re trying to use Excel or a system that’s too complicated or doesn’t fit your business,

    IF you don’t know what to do, where to go for help and don’t think you can afford it,

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In the competitive field of marketing Dawn stands out not only for her knowledge and expertise, but her kind, generous and passionate nature – A true leader…
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I needed an AFFORDABLE system where I could have people register for an appointment and pay for our services on the website, Lead Capture forms and a backend scheduling and order tracking system…
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Think Large

“Think Large training helped us learn the importance of building a list and how to do it. They helped with our marketing funnel so that we could increase our leads by 60%!
Now that we’ve begun to use the 1-Box Database (CRM), we’re now learning the importance of building a database and what ‘remarketing’ is – making money off our leads who had not bought before, plus our current customers.” Read More…

Think Large

“We had no idea how much was involved with SEO. Thanks for providing a balanced approach so that we could get fast sales with the right ads, but also the organic growth which we needed because it lasts for a long time. Getting our business listings in order was also a huge help!” Read More…

Technology IntegrationThink Large Business Strategies

check Business Basics
Analysis – Competition, Goals, Demographics, Pricing, Presentation, Guarantees and Legaleeze
How to Qualify your prospects and identify your competition (their target market and keywords).

check Basic Tracking and Analysis
The true difference between large and small business practices – the profit is in the details!

check Why You Need Systems
CRM/Business Software and Integration with your website and ALL your systems and marketing.

check Your Website
Is your website interactive and responsive? Google now ranks based on that!
Read: 99% of ALL Websites Have These 3 Mistakes

check Digital Marketing Basics
Social Media, Ads (there’s more than just Google and FB), Video, Search Engines, Yext, Sales Funnels – explained for YOUR type of business.

SBAAccording to the SBA, there are 600,000 startups per year, with an 80% failure rate.
Another 15% don’t make a steady profit – but they don’t know what else to do.
If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have a chance.

If you want to be in the TOP 5%, we want to work with YOU!