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Do you know exactly what you need to do to break through to the next level in 2020 in your business?



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 Video – 1 FREE with SEM!

Video is the most important marketing you can do!  We hire professional actors to deliver your message.

 Sales Funnels – Ads

YouTube, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn
VIDEO ADS perform the best.
No video? Don’t worry!
We can provide all video for you!


New or Revamp WordPress services.
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  LinkedIn Training

Build a Leads Pipeline in 30 minutes a day over 630M users.
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 Chat Box Technology

Increase Your Profitability By Generating Leads and Sales with 3D Chat Agents


MVP Search Engine Marketing


Download the latest SEO/SEM Workshop with 20 DIY Tips!


Take ALL the 1st Page listings for your keywords and locations

web pages, video, press releases, maps, content pages, Facebook, Twitter, & MORE.



LinkedIn Training and AutomationReach 630M users with TLC Connect.

Investing in your business with guaranteed ROI marketing and infrastructure, working smarter, will allow you to grow faster and without roadblocks.

If you identify with any of the following, schedule a call right away:

For ALL Small to Medium Business :

  • Too much working ON your business, not IN your business?
  • Do you need more leads? TOP RANKING?
  • Is your lead generation automated?
  • Is your website a poster or a sales tool?
  • Have marketers taken advantage of you, not educated you?

If your revenue is 100K+ :

  • Is your business feeling out of control?
  • Do you need help reaching the next level?
  • Do you have a Marketing Strategy for YOUR business?
  • Would you benefit from a Business/Marketing Consultant?
  • Losing leads because you’re not organized and integrated?
  • Do you need one system where you can access, track and analyze ALL your info?