1-Box Business Solutions – Quick and Affordable.
We have the base Business Solutions, you include your choice of Options and Interfaces.

Each option is priced for your convenience – you can start out with just what you need and add more later!

We specialize in Custom eCommerce and/or Scheduling Systems integrated into your web presence!

Like the 1-Box CRM, the Business System is based on the Excel look and feel, but with much more functionality, so that there is a very SHORT LEARNING CURVE. It’s all seemlessly integrated into one (1) secure portal.

We offer Enterprise Mobility (Apps), Cloud, Big Data and custom portals and systems for 30-50% less!
Send us any legitimate quote and we’ll beat it – and we include Project Management if you need it! Our CTO level systems engineers provide everything you need so that you can do your work – and so that you end up with the best product with the best design and security that is possible.

We work with any budget on price and payments.
People start a business because they know how to do something – sell a product or perform a service, but that doesn’t mean they know how to run a business.
That’s why we offer simple business tools at an affordable price plus our Business Consulting Services – we have literally hundreds of years of business and marketing experience from large business to SMB to entrepreneurial – we can help you analyze what your target market is, how to reach them with the right message and how to grow your market in today’s economy – and get the price for your items or services that you deserve but don’t know how to ask for!

Business Intelligence
Every business needs a Business application that can be rapidly and easily adopted to your company’s sales process, not the reverse. That facility makes for the logical and intuitive quality a business solution should have.  Sales reps should be able to save data into the sales process stages to which it applies, and should also be able to easily retrieve that data at any time in the future.  Your contacts and leads should be easily tracked through your sales funnel.  In this way the sales force will be empowered instead of constrained!

With this level of quality and ease of use in your OneBox Business application, this will make it possible for other users to understand, track with and analyze sales, and will considerably raise the quality output potential of marketing as well as empower executives with more precision analytics.


Click here for The 12 Points that make up the 1-Box difference.

Business Analytics Consulting
Ask yourself these questions if you’re in business to succeed in a BIG way:
> Do you have leads, customers, salesmen, inventory or employees that you could be tracking better?
> If you actively market your business, do you really know what is working for you?
> Are you still using Excel as a major tool in keeping track of your business?
> Does your business software fall short of what you need?
> Are you entering your contacts in multiple places (Excel, Constant Contact, Salesforce)?
> Are you or your sales team missing appointments, or not following up and missing sales?
> Could you save money by having software that helps you be more organized?
> Do you know that most businesses fail because they don’t value their own time?
> Could you benefit from being in the Top 10 for your search words on Google?
> Could you benefit from demographic research and telemarketing?
> Could you benefit from being there for the people looking for you with Google Ads? >>>>>

If the answer to any of the questions above is a yes, you should get a quote!

from Google Marketing (Adwords, landing pages with automatically updated forms and recorded calls), to our Document Repository which takes you paperless, integrated Google Apps (Calendar, Dynamic Mapping, Analytics) and Quickbooks integration, to our DataCare Vault (no more handling of client credit card information), we provide a full solution. A few of our base solutions include:

Security Alarm Systems
Construction / Roofing
Pet Care – Orders, Visits, Scheduling
People Care – Home Health
Non-Profit Organizations
Home Services Companies
Consulting Professionals
Professional Services – Tax, Legal, Accounting, Insurance
Network Marketing
Jewelry Design and Sales
Car Dealerships
Mortgage Companies
Restaurants and Spas
Business Centers
Network Marketing
Business Consultants and Speakers
Engineering Firms
Land Sales
Car Repair
Referral Programs
Sports Centers
Private Investigations


Features and Options – What makes 1-Box Different!

Custom Business System, CRM, Cloud Storage, Dashboard, Interface with
QuickBooks (and more) all in 1-Box – no more duplicate entry!

For when Excel is limiting your growth, multiple products that don’t interface are driving
you crazy and other products just won’t do and are too expensive.

Proven World Class Internet Marketing Programs! FREE SEO with any program.
Google Adwords Certified Partner, Proven Top Organic Ranking Programs, measurables.
Development/Analysis of Landing Pages with request forms that update your CRM.

Integration with your web site and development of Campaigns (newsletters)
with Content Management for quick changes to your web pages.

Spreadsheet Look and Feel (with much more features) with EZ Management
Easy to learn, add your own data fields, create your own Views.

ONE Dashboard with your CRM, Business, Marketing and Personal Options with
large icons easily seen and used on any device.

Multi-level security access driven, web based, securely available 24/7 on any device
(HIPAA Compliant).

Document Repository (Cloud Storage) – upload your documents for categorized
storage, download for use, upload and attach to contact records, email to contacts.

Scheduling and Calendar options for Appointments, view contacts history of appt’s,
color coded entries, view by access level in Calendar or List format (phone view).
Use privately in portal or publicly on web site – allow clients to set appointments.

Surveys and Analytics – measure and analyze what is working and what isn’t.

Hosting, WordPress, Custom Web, eCommerce, Network Marketing Portals,
Dynamic Google Mapping
– any custom programming or integration you need.

Referral Tracking – Based on 7L Principals integrated with suggested contact
information fields for conversation starters.