12 Points of 1-Box

12 Points that make up the 1-Box CRM, Business and Marketing difference:

1) OneBox is a web based, access level driven business and marketing tool with a spreadsheet look and feel – simple, intuitive and powerful.

2) Data can be selectively uploaded and/or downloaded from and into Excel.

3) Includes a Document Repository to store forms (by company or by customer) – allowing your organization to go paperless.

4) Quickbooks updating is available for QB2012 and up.

5) Includes an integrated calendar, or calendars for different tiered levels for your management levels. We offer integration with your Google Calendar so the app can be used on phones.

1-Box Dashboard
6) A Dashboard is included where you can set up any link that you don’t ever want to have to look up again.

7) We also offer EZ CMS for your web site pages if we host it, so you’ll never be held hostage by your web developer again.

8) Scheduling and eCommerce includes web site integration, along with LEAD CAPTURE FORMS that automatically update your database. Other options include (but are not limited to) Item Management, Order Tracking, Invoicing and Referral Tracking.

9) Marketing options include Email and SMS – newsletters, event driven alerts, web site & Facebook LEAD CAPTURE forms that automatically update your ONE database (no more duplicate entry), document selection and forwarding to selected contacts.

You need to touch your target market at least 6 times before they recognize your brand.

10) Access level driven – you set who can see what options, salesmen (or other users) can only see their own contacts/leads/sales/appointments, etc. Admin can see all.

11) OneBox is completely customizable to how you do your business instead of having to change your business to fit the software.  Understandable at a glance!  You only see the options that you are using.

The best is coming…

1-Box Difference

12) SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE with ONE Integrated System – Never, ever lose another lead and never enter them more than once!
You only need the one database for your leads, users, customers/clients, referrals, products and services – whatever you need to track.
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