About 1-Box

Dawn CassaraThis product was created because after working in Corporate America as a analyst/programmer for 20 years for companies such as IBM, Caterpillar, Square D, Rhone Poulenc, Buehler Motors and Akzo Nobel, and then many smaller companies, I saw the need for a small business product that would provide the toolset smaller companies needed at a pricepoint they could afford.
Simply put, this is 1-Box – an integrated, consolidated, customizable, affordable product made just for the small to mid-sized company.
1-Box Business ToolkitIf you’re still trying to run your business on Excel, give us a try. You can’t grow your business on Excel.If you’re having to enter your data in multiple products to get all you need, we can probably fix that.

You can call us during CST working hours at 800-898-3009 – we’ll answer any questions you have about business, software or internet marketing.
We have infinite resources and can do any custom projects that you need at 30-50% less. We do the project management so you can concentrate on your business.