Learn the most effective systems and marketing for EVERY budget.

From our background in corporate America, we’ve put together what you need to do to be in the TOP 5% of businesses that succeed! We’ve worked with 100’s of companies and entrepreneurs.

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1) Your Website – is it a lead generator or a poster that no one ever sees?
Is your “Difference” clearly explained, along with video, testimonials and a Chat Box?
Do you have a Lead Generation Form where signups get something valuable to them and that auto-updates your CRM with their info for your follow up?

2) Benefits to YOU of using a CRM (Contact/Customer Relationship Manager).
Your CRM should integrate with your website (Lead Capture) forms and send Auto Response emails. It should also include Scheduling, Email Campaigns, tracking Leads, Transactions and much more – saving you Time and Money, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

3) How is your Online Reputation SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Analysis of your ranking, also reviews and ratings on 50+ business listing sites.

4) What is your Social Media presence?
Are you where you need to be, consistently, with your message for YOUR target market?

5) What other marketing are you doing?
Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn Ads or Google Adwords, SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Sales Funnels, Email Campaigns, ChatBots – ALL explained with an analysis of what will work best for YOUR company!

Any business can benefit from this consultation, from Direct Sales to Realtors to any small to mid-sized business. We’re currently working with one person businesses and up to $50M+ companies. We don’t do all the marketing services ourselves (we’d rather be awesome at what we offer), but we know which companies will work with your budget and still produce the results you need!


Our TLC CONSULTING PROGRAM covers these topics.

We can tailor this to your needs:

     1) Know your vision, mission and why you do what you do
     2) Change your habits – schedule/consistency, winning mindset
     3) Get rid of things in your way – distractions, negativity, etc.
     4) Find other people/companies to help you (JV Partners, resellers)
     5) Organize your business (use integrated programs/systems)
     6) Set realistic revenue goals and accomplishments
     7) Map out your how, step-by-step
     8) Marketing – specific approaches for different types of companies
     9) How to set up your business for a future sale
     10) How to create a passive income (Make Money While You Sleep)

 SALES FUNNELS from posts and ads to Landing Page to CONVERSIONS.
We help you determine your target market and what’s best for YOUR business, separate from all other marketing!

 ROCKET REALTOR – Hugely popular!
Control your income – Sell an extra house a month!
Get listings the easy way with Social Media.

 A New Responsive Website or conversion to a Lead Generation Tool
Create/customize website to your specifications on WordPress with Content Management, eCommerce, more!
Lead Generation Forms – we’ll help with what to offer in return for contact/prospect info.

Develop and brand your DIFFERENCE!
Color Scheme, overall look and feel.
Mission Statement refinement, Tag line(s).

 Building a Customized Training/Consulting or Subscription Portal
Training/Consulting Portal Includes different levels of access to your training, Categories and sub-categories with Videos and PDF Downloads for each.

Consultation scheduling app to be used on website and landing pages.

We can set up one to unlimited products and can provide options and set up of payment systems.

 Building a Video Portfolio
Secret to Generating EASY video – We create them from PPT!
We develop scripts and content for you.

 Social Media Marketing
Facebook and LinkedIn Business Page
Automated postings on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn is available.

 SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Increase your visibility on search engines organically.
Google Analytics registration for tracking demographics and page traffic.
Register your website with search engines so they rank faster.
Add to all appropriate business directories.
Build a YouTube Video Channel using your new Video Portfolio.

 Webinar Development and Execution
FB Ad which clicks to Landing Page w/ Video and Scheduling Form.
Video to be developed with proven sales formula.
Software will be provided for initial webinar and replays. Unlimited viewers.

 Seminar or Workshop Development and Execution
We provide everything you need, including venue set up and staff requirements, plus the proven formula of How to Make the Sale to a Captive Audience!


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Think Large

“Think Large training helped us learn the importance of building a list and how to do it. They helped with our marketing funnel so that we could increase our leads by 60%!
Now that we’ve begun to use the 1-Box Database (CRM), we’re now learning the importance of building a database and what ‘remarketing’ is – making money off our leads who had not bought before, plus our current customers.” Read More…


Think Large

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Technology IntegrationThink Large Business Strategies
check Business Basics
Analysis – Competition, Goals, Demographics, Pricing, Presentation, Guarantees and Legaleeze
How to Qualify your prospects and identify your competition (their target market and keywords).

check Basic Tracking and Analysis
The true difference between large and small business practices – the profit is in the details!

check Why You Need Systems
CRM/Business Software and Integration with your website and ALL your systems and marketing.

check Your Website
Is your website interactive and responsive? Google now ranks based on that!
Read: 99% of ALL Websites Have These 3 Mistakes

check Digital Marketing Basics
Social Media, Ads (there’s more than just Google and FB), Video, Search Engines, Yext, Sales Funnels – explained for YOUR type of business.


SBA* According to the SBA, there are 700,000 startups per year, with an 80% failure rate.
Another 15% don’t make a steady profit – but they don’t know what else to do.
If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have a chance.

If you want to be in the TOP 5%, we want to work with YOU!