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Do you realize how much it would benefit you to have a package to offer prospects from proven experts who understand your clients IT and Marketing needs, who will work with their budget, and will coordinate and manage everything for their business?

We work as a CTO or CMO – Chief Technology or Marketing Officer so any business can live long and prosper.  Or you can take it on and white-label our guaranteed services!

Schedule a Consultation to see if you’re a good fit.

  In the beginning, as you are learning the products and services, all you have to do is set up a demo between your prospect and one of us, depending on the service, using our respective calendar.

Some programs you can pad for more income, some you can’t because we’ve done the research and have priced things where they are for a reason.  If you are working with a startup who needs marketing, we can work with your client on pricing to help them get started.

We do not use contracts – we seldom lose a client.  All you do is schedule a demo/consultation and show up for it so you can learn and eventually be able to do it without us.  If they agree to any service or product we offer, we send them an invoice and as soon as they pay, we pay you.

If you are experienced and want to resell on a heavier basis as your own marketing company, white label and do your own demos, we will set up web pages for each of the 4 services for $350 on a subdomain on our domain branded to your company for tracking your leads. With this option, we pay you monthly.

The Google Domination Program has several options but the basic offering starts at $3,500/mo as we submit 10,000 listings/mo. with around 8,000 Top 10 listings within 10 days.
First, no one else can do this at all, much less guarantee it, so if you tried to compare it, it would cost around $20,000.
However, if it’s a start-up, we can give a couple of months at $2-2.5K if they pay the invoice that day.
Some clients upgrade right into the 20,000 listings if their competition is heavy.  We will do an assessment to see what’s needed but search for what they do and where they do it and you can see if there is really high competition or not.
This is for the organic listings, but we also offer Google ads and creating/optimizing their GMB which gets them on the Maps for an upcharge.
Organic listings include 10,000 backlinks/mo., 2 Press Releases and top video listings.
We pay 10% on this.  We suggest you do not share pricing until we do a demo for them where we show how well this works – it’s a very visual sell.

The LinkedIn Training and Automation for B2B businesses is $500 the first month and then $400 every month after.  Most people who do what we do charge double this and you can charge more if their budget allows.
They may ask if this gets around LinkedIn restrictions – it doesn’t but there is no limit on how many messages you can send out with our tool, which you can in LinkedIn but it’s one at a time instead of using a search.
They must have the Premium or Navigator upgrade of LinkedIn.
We pay 20% on this.

IT Management Services have to be tailored to what they need and they are too varied to list but gives a good overview.  Our biggest seller is replacing in-house servers (and all the problems and liability that goes along with them) with cloud versions – FULL versions of any business critical software including Quickbooks, but any other software as well.
You get 5% of any sales.

Professional Websites with built in SEO – You can’t this get from a typical website designer.  We rarely can use anything already existing as we use our own WordPress template with all the plug-ins we need to make it effective.
$2000 for 4 pages.  20% for resellers.
Examples of websites are the two listed above and we can give you many more – they are not only beautiful but they are designed using the latest statistics on gaining view time and also response from website visitors.

CRM/Business System
You need to buy the tools that make a website successful – at minimum our CRM/Business System with the website integrations for scheduling and registrations.
This CRM/Business System is $125/mo. or $1100/yr. (save $400).
20% for resellers.

CRM/Business System
You need to buy the tools that make a website successful – at minimum our CRM/Business System with the website integrations for scheduling and registrations.
This CRM/Business System is $125/mo. or $1100/yr. (save $400).
20% for resellers.

**NEW** Email Marketing
LinkedIn Navigator is required for this program as well.
We build the lists for you and emails are validated in real time.
We import them into your CRM (above) and write the content for you.
$300/mo. for 300 credits, and $650/mo. for 1000.

If you’re still trying to learn and do it all yourself instead of spending that time in your business, that’s a loss you can make up very quickly by getting an expert in.

First, you can’t afford to spend the time it would take to research and qualify what you do need and disqualify what doesn’t fit your needs.

Second, both areas are changing very quickly with new developments and platforms and you certainly can’t take the time away from your business to keep up with it all.

Let’s take the needs and budget aspects. Marketing and Technology firms both often have a specialty service or product they focus on and want to sell first – similar to an insurance agent or financial advisor. That particular program may not be the one you need and it may not fit your budget.

You need someone who either knows or will do the research for you.

In marketing, you have to look at ROI (Return on Investment) and Guarantees. You don’t need to be doing any marketing that hasn’t been proven to provide ROI and you don’t want to work with a company that doesn’t guarantee their results – and there are not many that can or will.

If you’ve never heard of any marketing with a guarantee, let me assure you that it does exist and I’ve worked with one SEO provider for several years that has met their guarantee every time with every customer.

But, like with SEO, you have to understand the service. SEO is, by general consensus, the best marketing you can do for most types of business, but you shouldn’t be using SEO if your ideal client doesn’t search for you, which, along with most used keywords used, will take research, and you probably don’t have the resources and/or knowledge to do this adequately.

Second, top rankings on Google doesn’t guarantee sales – it only puts you where people are looking, so the only meaningful guarantee that can be given is how many backlinks they generate and the percentage that gets top rankings. You have to know your leads to sales percentage and how many sales it takes to then provide the ROI that you need from the marketing – and if it will provide the income and sales you need to reach or exceed your goals.

Third, SEO has to be implemented with other strategies, such as optimizing your GMB (Google My Business) which determines Maps placement, ads at the start until you’re ranked where you need to be, and also other organic listings such as video, press releases and images.

For startups who don’t have history based predictive data yet, you need someone who’s had experience with other like companies and can provide the statistics and knowledge to use when recommending the services that will allow your business to expand, scale and even explode – which should always be the outcome with the right infrastructure, software and planning.

Many of the startups we work with have never had a business before. If you look at SBA statistics, a majority of these will fail, even if they are well funded. One reason for that is that they are being bombarded from all directions and don’t have the time to research each claim or the experience to know which is valuable and applicable for their business.

We also see that many don’t grasp the difference between an investment and an expense – which is going to be ROI, of course, but how can you be sure? How do you switch that mindset except for the trust factor, which has to be based on proven, consistent growth strategies?

This is important on the marketing side where measurement is more elusive, but IT Managed Services is very measurable. For instance, what would it cost you if you had a computer crash and no backup or way to restore? How many applications would you have to reinstall in a replacement and how long would that take you?

I personally know that setting up a new installation (or a replacement) in my organization used to take two days – now it’s just a matter of a couple of hours, and I know I won’t lose any data in the process. Additionally, I know that I won’t lose everything because my security is lacking. A simple unexpected test phishing attack will really open your eyes to how fast you can be exposed. There are many more benefits to having an IT Management firm watching out for you.

Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a company that has the background, the knowledge and the experience, and especially whose base comes from corporate America, and can teach the small company, from startup to mid-cycle (where they are experiencing moderate growth but ready for that explosion) to Think Large.

Dawn Cassara, CEO, Think Large Consulting LLC, has had the foresight to find the deserving partnerships for almost every need, and has done the due diligence for those, but is always ready to do more research so that your business will hit that mark – the one that will allow you to live the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Think Large Consulting LLC is available to share the TLC on a short-term or long-term basis.