Viral Social Media Marketing


How we’re different:

2) Our Guarantee (because FREE ADS actually works!)
3) Our Analytics (we have nothing to hide)
4) Our Marketing/Design Experience (25+ years)
5) Our Database (1-Box)
6) We set you up to continue running VSMM without us!

How it works:


What We Do:

We set you up with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Business Accounts if you don’t have them, and we gradually start using them to send out posts (so you don’t get banned).

Before we can run your FREE ADS, we do your target market analysis – we already know the demographics for many types of businesses.
Then we set you up in the right groups for you – how many depends on which program you choose.

Next, we’ll set up your FREE ADS and schedule them at the appropriate time of day.

Then the BIG DEAL – we create landing pages (web pages) so that we can track how many clicks you get.
We put Lead Capture Forms (Name, Email) on every page we set up.
You’ll get an email whenever someone signs up!

Additional programs: We set up a “Valuable Download” and/or a “1-Minute Video” so people will sign up.
We also create Websites and any Apps that you might need – for less!

Those sign-ups, and any forms you have on your website (eCommerce/Scheduling/etc.), automatically update to your 1-Box database, where you can view them, download them or send them emails.

You can add options – eCommerce & Scheduling – many more.
We have the base systems for your business processes, we just set it up for you for an affordable price!

1-Box is a highly flexible, customizable database program – you can add data fields, views over the tables, access levels, sort and select what you want you see and download, update to Quickbooks, MUCH MORE!

It includes a Document Repository (so you can attach PDFs to your emails), Calendars and Tasks – it even shows you the time in different time zones and the weather.