Coming from 30 years in large corporate consulting, I’ve developed 1-Box for the SMB.

In this video, 1-Box is explained and how it can help you start and GROW your business without taking up your life!

Screenshots show you exactly what we offer and how it helps you.

Sign up for the 5 Steps to Freedom – our upcoming program for Entrepreneurs.
5 Steps to Freedeom

Here are the steps we will be addressing (along with your requests):
Step 1 – Business Basics (Competition, Goals, Demographics)
Step 2 – Basic Accounting / Time Management
Step 3 – Why and what CRM/Business Software
Step 4 – Your Website – Do you even need one? (SEO)
Step 5 – Internet Marketing Anyone Can Understand! (Social Media, Ads, Search Engines, Partners)

We will send you weekly PDFs and then do a Q & A webinar each week. If you can’t attend the webinar, you’ll receive a replay link. It will be a 6 to 8 week process, but we may well add some extra discussions to some questions that you ask if they are relevant and we know the answer!

9 minutes for
What You Need to Succeed.

Bonus 1:
Our book: Internet Marketing Explained for the Entrepreneur.

Bonus 2:
Our NEW book: 5 Steps to Freedom.
This will be collected during our course, so it won’t be shipped until after the program is over and the material edited.