Why CRM?

Why do you need a CRM? Honestly, if you’re not tracking your contacts, leads and customers and you’re actively marketing your product or services, you’re probably losing opportunities, therefore not making the income you could and should!

But that’s not all – if you’re not staying in contact with your list using email campaigns, and those campaigns are not properly thought out and executed, you’re losing another opportunity and more income.

Did you know that you can have forms on your web site, landing pages and Facebook that automatically update to your 1 database where you can then run campaigns (email/SMS) and also interface in your eCommerce which you can then update to Quickbooks?
So how many times are you entering that same data over and over when you don’t need to?

Can you answer these questions?

1. Do you know your target market? Not in generalities, but specific demographics that can be used in a campaign.

2. Are you running ads or doing social media marketing to gather emails of those already interested in what your offering so you can close deals?

3. Do you know your greatest source of leads? Your database should be categorized by lead source so you can design specific campaigns by that source – they may be completely different audiences!

4. Do you know that you need to hit most people 8 to 10 times with some form of marketing before they remember who you are, build up a trust and then call you when they need you?

There is so much more! We can help you navigate for an affordable price – which saves you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration (which is worth more than any sum of money!).

We teach how to use ‘Big Business Techniques” in your SMB so you’re not losing out. It’s all about tracking, but before you panic and say “I don’t have any more time!” you need to understand that this is a critical factor in the 80% of businesses that fail every year (SBA).