When you’re an entrepreneur or small business trying to get your business off the ground, and you’re on a tight budget, it is SO tough to know where to spend your hard earned cash. These tools address the marketing needs of almost all SMB’s – if you want to compete in the business world today.

Do you buy lottery tickets? Let me first say that without a guide, marketing is a crap shoot and your odds might be better at the casino. I personally can’t stand to see my money just go away never to be seen again. I don’t do that, but I have spent many hours researching and testing different marketing tools and techniques to better my odds.

Do you have a lot of spare time? I spent a lot of time (literally 3 years) working out the kinks in my marketing plan – and did you notice I said plan? I know some people don’t like to take the time or don’t know how to set up a plan, but honestly, you and I both know that those people rarely succeed at business.

You can’t get where you want to be if you don’t have a map, a compass and a plan!

That’s why when I saw these tools, I jumped. If you’re blowing money on things that are not paying off for you, I can tell you without a doubt that there are good investments out there and if you pay attention and can follow directions, I can help you.

Here are 11 Marketing Functions that almost every type of business should be doing –
1) Social Media Marketing, including posting and blogging
2) Drip Email and Text Message Campaigns
3) Monthly Newsletters
4) Landing Page creation for all of the above – for your sales funnel (another PLAN)
5) Video Conferencing
6) Professional videos (the more the better)
7) Professional Facebook Pages and Campaigns
8) SEO – Search Engine Optimization (ongoing for ranking on search engines)
9) Training on Social Media Marketing
10) A database and tracking/analysis reports for all of the above
11) Internet Ads (specifically Google Adwords and possibly Facebook and LinkedIn Ads)

So how much would it be worth to you to have #1 through #10 in one product, easily learned and/or set up and running on autopilot? I know some businesses are paying as much as $5,000 a month for this. Because it’s so time consuming, not many can do it all themselves and run a business.

I must pause here to tell you that this is not an ad – you won’t find any link selling anything. It’s a review that I promised my readers if I starting using this product. I liked it and it’s making me money – it has all 10 Tools in one product and it works. I’m going to show you the proof. Back to the story…

What I’m going to tell you about has a sixteen minute set up time for integrating your Social Media accounts and having it blasting posts and blogs out to them (I know, I timed it the very first time I set it up – just for you), and I put it on autopilot using it’s patented category based content. I didn’t have to write anything.

I was averaging paying $2,000 a month for these 10 Tools when I added it all up. I was spending that for an email marketing tool, a video conferencing product, Hootsuite (which you can use for free, but the reports are expensive) , then using and managing FIVERR (graphics and landing page development), plus in my time developing videos and writing posts, and then still not getting the results I wanted (although I love making the LinkedIn Pulse list – it’s like hitting the lottery!).

So far, the only things this isn’t doing for me is write LinkedIn articles and run Adwords, and my Google consultant does that for me and my clients now. I just have to monitor them and make adjustments.

But here’s one catch – if you don’t have your branding in place and have researched and know your target market, this may be more of a distraction than a blessing. Also, many industries are heavily regulated in what they can say on Social Media and in advertising. The one way to get around these two problems is to use the patented categorized pre-set messages that are available in the auto-pilot. There are more than a dozen categories for both posting and for blogs. The Inspirational or Business and Leadership categories get the most Likes.

I have to tell you this story – I was in a meeting the other day with some folks in the Financial and Securities industry who needed our 1-Box Custom CRM and we started talking about Social Media. This one lady really got it – it’s not what you say on Social Media as long as it’s positive and you keep your name in front of people. For this you don’t need branding so much, just a link to a good capture (landing) page. This is also especially powerful for Realtors. I haven’t presented to any group of realtors that didn’t go crazy over this – in fact, I haven’t presented to anyone who understood marketing that didn’t jump at this.

By now you know that these 10 Tools (#1 through 10 listed above) are all in one product. If you’ve heard of SocialZing, you probably have already guessed the product.

I wrote another post,How Do I Know What To Say, comparing this to Hootsuite – if you’re doing Social Media Marketing for a living, or just using Hootsuite for your own business, you’re probably not paying for the reports (because they are way too expensive), which probably means you don’t know what is working for you and what’s not and you’re probably not following up where there is interest. That’s one of the biggest reasons to use this new product.

Now I’ll be the first to say that when I was told it was a multi-level marketing product, I was immediately turned off – I’ve tried a couple of those because I thought they were good products, but the problem was they were all small niche products.

I promised, in that article linked above, that if I started selling this, I’d write another article to follow up on it to see how this really works and how I did with it, because I have always failed at it before. Miserably, I might add. I even lost a friend over one stupid product I tried to sell.

This is something that every business, large or small, needs.

If they are not doing Social Media Marketing, they should be. If they are, they are doing one of two things – spending time that they could put to better use elsewhere or they’re paying somebody a minimum $400/mo. and the people you are paying don’t know the business like you do – they can’t do it like you could – in just a few minutes.

And it’s an opportunity – my company could never offer Social Media marketing before because it was just too time consuming and you have to know the business you are promoting inside and out to do it for them.
This product has training and a process for certification in SMM where you can add it to your services or develop a new business around it.

The other thing I just recently realized is that SocialZing has the built–in support and training system that you need to actually use the product, not just to sell it. It’s the first MLM I’ve ever seen where the product stands on its own – people don’t buy it just to build up the monthly, recurring income – they buy it to use it.

I just went a conference in Kansas City and I had some epiphanies there, too. I realized that when people retire, they need an extra income, and they certainly don’t have any money to risk. Some of the retired salesmen, sports figures and even people who’d never had their own business are being helped by this. People who were laid off from their jobs or even just out of school and can’t find a job are knocking this out, one sale at a time.

There was a very well-known magician there who spoke about how this has helped bring in his audience – and he has a Las Vegas show. I’m helping not only businesses, but musicians, bands, artists and performing groups to promote themselves with this –because it’s affordable for anyone.

Since I have been in a couple of other MLM’s, I can see that this is the best payoff in the business, as well. It’s also the least expensive to get into. But here’s the best part – it’s the product that sells itself. You can set up the auto-pilot feature to sell itself for you – one of the categories for the (patented) auto-post feature in SocialZing is “SocialZing”.

All I care about it that it’s a no-hassle, no-brainer product that does everything I need for $99/month and I don’t have to pay or depend on anyone else – and it makes me money with little effort.

I can offer this service now to other companies – adding a vertical market to my business, making me another income besides using it to bring in more business for 1-Box and earning recurring income with SocialZing. I can integrate it with our Adwords Campaigns and use it to create quick, effective landing pages for both SMM and Adwords.

I can cut down on my research time – Social Media is always changing and SocialZing eliminates the work and time involved by doing that research for me.

So, I think you can tell that even though I was very hesitant to become involved with this because of past mistakes I’ve made, I’m very grateful to the Cardinal Cowboy for introducing me to this.

For a $248 investment, it more than paid for itself within 2 hours with $150 per sale). So is my son, because I was able to buy him the car he wanted AND I’m taking the family on vacation to the beach with the extra income from it. It’s really for me, but still…

Dawn Cassara
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