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Website mistakes can make the difference in whether you’re one of the 80% of businesses that fail or one of the 15% that just survive – only 5% really make a go of it (SBA, 2015). These odds are not great for you!

Now that I’ve noticed the general lack of understanding of how to use a web site as a selling tool, we’ve actually done the research on it – with a goal to help small business by providing easy to understand info that you can use.

I’d like to interrupt your thought process here and ask you to please share this – it could really help a lot of businesses, as these are pervasive problems and my posts are not being seen due to the sheer mass quantity of posts now.

The first two mistakes:
The 99% use their site as a poster with NO REASON and NO CLEAR WAY to buy right NOW from them. Just the overwhelm of getting this done turns most people into jelly!

Most businesses are started so that they can provide something of value and they’d rather spend their time doing that than the things that will grow their business. Based on our research so far, they definitely do not understand marketing – and probably dislike even thinking about it.

Even if they get the first two things right, they don’t provide a way to have a conversation – so they’re not getting the visitors info so they can be re-marketed. That’s #3.

They’re not getting help because there are too many rip-off “deals” out there and too many are too expensive for what they offer. It’s just too hard to figure out, and confusion causes apprehension and who wants to deal with that?

Do you know the answer to these basic questions:
Do you know, to a laser focus, who your target market is?
The exact demographics to market to?
Where they visit on the internet? What groups they belong to?
What their exact pain is (in their words)?

Then more specifically:
How to word your “Difference” (or even know what it is)?
(Check out our DIFFERENCE STATEMENT here)
How to structure a Call to Action?
How to add a Lead Capture Form that updates your database so you can re-market to those that are already interested (over and over)?

To develop a Call to Action, you have to understand psychology:

how to use scarcity and time limitations (and mean it),
develop trust by giving info that’s valuable to your market,
how to address apprehension (up front),
how to give reasons that overcome any fear of buying (a guarantee),
how to use images and structure the presentation of the sale
that you need to tell them what to do each step of the way
The facts are that cold-calling and giveaways (unless they are large with a lot of them) do not work for most people to want to give up their personal information anymore.

You have to find your target’s trigger!
And that can take time and many trial efforts to figure out. Most people try it once and when it doesn’t work, they give up – and that’s why the SBA stats show that 80% of all businesses fail and a large part of that 20% just get by.

The most important thing most businesses are missing is how to use their web site to make sales.

The list of what you have to do to make your web site a selling tool is HERE – it is long but not that hard! You can sign up HERE to ask your questions (for free). We can normally give you enough ROI from one phone call to pay for a year of coaching!

Let’s address problem #3 – the Conversation:

You have to add a form to each page you link to – so that you can track which marketing is working for you and so you can re-market to those (already interested) leads.

You have to judge (or know from experience) what information to ask. But the good news is that it’s much easier than you think, once you learn a few simple facts.

We’ve developed a tool – iForm Generator, so everyone can get a FREE FORM to help you get started. Instructions on how to install it on any web site are there as well.

Then you should always implement a CHAT so that your visitor doesn’t become your competitors client! There are free ones that allow you to monitor them on your phone, so you can be available even during meetings or on vacation. Instant response is the most important one thing you can offer.
Every business should have someone available to them that knows not just technical, not just business and not just marketing, but how they all interface and interact. We hope to fill that void for you HERE.

Dawn Cassara
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