Secrets to Direct Sales Marketing

Within Company Compliance


Direct Sales Companies give you a website for 3 reasons:

  • To control claims – make sure they are within legal requirements
  • For professional representation of their company
  • For their OWN Search Engine Optimization
  • To hook into their eCommerce and their CRM (so they own your contacts)

Their site gives you an easy way to run your business while they keep track of what you’re doing. It’s priceless and you must use it for purchases. However, it’s not good for your personal marketing efforts.

  • You can’t put anything personal on it – they forget that people buy from people they know, like and trust.
  • They restrict you from having your own website – so you don’t get any SEO from it.

    So, why don’t you build your own website? Because they will throw you out, yell at you, tell you to take it down, and it will cost you time and/or money to do it yourself – so you never really consider that as an alternative.

    The best marketing is marketing that never mentions the product at all!


    Here’s the step program to success at Direct Sales:
    1) Buy a domain with your own name ($12/Yr)
    2) Find a host that sets you up a WordPress site ($10-20/mo)
    3) Tell people who you are
    4) Tell people why you do what you do
    5) Tell people YOUR results from your product
    6) Tell people to buy now to get a discount, free product, etc.
    7) Link the buy button to your COMPANY WEBSITE buy page
    8) Create a FB page – invite people to like it
    9) Create a FB group where you do product giveaways/discounts often
    10) Promotional Travel stay coupons are everywhere and are free or cheap for you
    11) Require their email to join the group
    12) Put their email into your CRM, or better yet, get a CRM where you can auto update date it so it doesn’t get lost and so you can track activity on each lead!
    13) Send out an email blast every week with those discounts and giveaways

    Think Large Consulting provides a one-page website with everything you need for a nominal cost and can recommend a CRM that does everything your small business needs very inexpensively.

    We also provide secure hosting so your website never gets hacked and it will get a full backup daily along with full support (20/7).