It takes 7 to 10 “touches” (or contacts) before anyone actually feels like they know you and can relate your name to what you do. Touch Marketing includes Social Media, Email or Text Campaigns, and of course, personally speaking to them, on the phone or via webinar.

You may know that there are 330M on LinkedIn and 1.35B on Facebook, but you may not have any idea how to leverage them. Then, almost everyone has a mile high stack of business cards and no idea what to do with them.

If you’re paying someone to do your SMM (Social Media Marketing), do you ever ask yourself “Why am I paying this person when I have to tell them everything about my business, basically write the posts and articles myself, and all they do is post them!”

Or worse yet, you’re not doing your SMM at all or you’re doing it on a sporadic basis – and you know you need to do it – regularly. You know it will increase your bottom line. But you are busy running your business with no time left over.

Why? Maybe you’re afraid it would be more work and frustration than you can handle to do all the SMM you need to do for it to actually work for you.

So you don’t commit to anyone helping you because you just don’t understand it or have the time to learn. Or you don’t start because every time you think about it, it’s just too overwhelming.

Who? How do you find someone who won’t overcharge you, who will be there when you need them, who is affordable and who knows your business?

No one knows your business like you do!

Next problem you have – are you following up with all the people who you’ve run across that gave you a business card? Once that pile of cards gets a certain height (or width), it’s just too overwhelming to deal with. It’s hard to find someone reliable and inexpensive enough to do it for you.

Well, there’s a few things you can do to ensure your success that are all very inexpensive and won’t suck up your time.

1) Use an automated Social Media posting tool.
I used Hootsuite, but since the reports were $50/each and I had to pay extra for other people on my team to use it, and it didn’t have a lot of the tools I needed, I did the research and finally found one that works on all the Social Media sites I wanted where I can build multiple posts, with images, and post to your choice of the sites on a schedule, i.e. I don’t have to build a custom post for each site.

So Hootsuite is not free when you add in your time, and neither is the reporting. After all, what’s a tool without the statistics to prove that what you are doing is working?

2)  Write posts that will get comments.
Facebook has a new “ranking” system – if your posts don’t get comments, less people will see your next post.    The worst part of this is that religious posts get more comments than any other type, so now internet marketers are using that to help their business.   So only “Like” and “Comment” those from people you trust or you’re probably being used.

Rant over, post things that will get comments – funny, real life, smart, even religious if they’re real.  There are tons of sites out there to find your preference.

And use an automated posting program.

And don’t get sucked in by MLM claims.

For a comparison of Social Media Posting Programs, CLICK HERE.

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