What’s holding you back?

What I understand more and more, as I work with people on their businesses, is that often they do not realize that they have a special knowledge that others could benefit from and what that could be worth.

Many are stuck in the mindset that working a full-time job is more secure, but as many have found out, corporate America makes few promises and is held to none. It will most likely never result in the type of wealth that your specific topic knowledge could bring – and the type of program that brings a passive income only requires your time to set it up one time and you’re done.

After that, all it needs is marketing and unless you’re a trained and experienced marketer, you’re going to need to find one so that won’t eat up your time and waste your money.

This allows you to work a full-time job while you build your program.

On the other hand, some reading this article are on a path trying to build a business where there is so much competition that they have to spend a ton of time and/or money on marketing, and many fail to realize the amount of work involved – they don’t understand the basics of running a business, much less marketing.

I am in groups where they are chugging out thousands of digital marketers, promising that there is plenty of room in the market for extravagantly high paying contracts even if they have no experience or specific marketing knowledge. When these “hopefuls” finally realize how much time and money they’ve wasted, all they want to do is go find a job.

Of course, not everyone has the option and knowledge to build a passive income. A passive income is basically setting up a program where anyone who needs this knowledge can sign up, pay and access the information in a “training portal”, which is a secure, log-in type of website where their training is displayed in logical steps with video and/or downloads.

It’s a pretty simple idea (not rocket science), and again, only takes the setup and some marketing to start making an income without adding any more to your plate.

After talking to many people, some who actually came to us for other technology needs, I’ve found that discussions on their real passion and interest show they have a marketable training program in them even if they never actually thought about it.

Which brings me to the point that people always undervalue what they know.

What you know about any specific topic can be just what someone else is looking for. Not to say you may not need to do some research and learn more about it to build a program around it, but most people are looking to get better at some particular skill or make themselves better in some way.

You may need someone to help “flesh it out”. You may not think you have enough material to make into a program, but if you understand how people learn, you know that you need to add “success stories” plus different media presenting the same information, maybe a glossary to explain terminology – there are many ways to stretch out and make your program more interesting and a better learning experience for those taking your training.

What’s involved:

Once you’ve charted out an outline of what you want to present in a portal, you need to create the videos that explain and/or show how to do that particular skill. And as I’ve mentioned, people learn in different ways, so you always present the same information again in downloadable PDF’s.

You need to explore every aspect of what you are presenting in your training – get an experienced person in program building to help you with this. Even your friends should be able to help with asking questions that your training may be leaving unanswered.

Once you have your ideas put together, it’s then time to find a company that can help you take this Idea to a Profitable Business (our tag line). It is best, in all honesty, to find a company that is experienced in this and can handle every aspect of taking your idea to market. Research needs to be done on a marketing level for topic demand and possible income from your particular program.

There are a lot of moving pieces to making this work, from branding (logos, color schemes, a tag line and how to present your “difference”), to technology (website, portal, landing pages, lead capture forms, eCommerce) to marketing (your funnel – which includes the ads and ad landing pages).

However, if done correctly the first time around and scripts and formulas are followed, the setup can be finished in a month or two with a diligent work ethic, access to a camera with decent lighting, and nights and weekends to work on what you need to do to get this off the ground.

If you think about it, a month of extra work can then be worth an extra car or house payment a month, or even retirement from working a full-time job.

What’s holding you back from getting started?

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