First, all Funnels start with either an ad or a post that has a link to your specific landing page – NOT your web site.

A landing page has a totally different objective. It needs a CALL TO ACTION – or a reason for the visitor to enter their name and email (or any other information) into a form OR a way to buy (OR both), then the information entered will be updated to a CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) which will send out a response email thanking them.

So we start with either an ad (Google or FB) or a post.
Google Adwords (1) and Facebook Ads (2) work really well to get quality leads. But, they both have some serious drawbacks. Then there is posting – or Social Media Marketing (SMM) (3).

1) Google AdWords is REALLY expensive. You pay a very high Cost Per Click for clients. In some more competitive niches, it can be $100 and up.

But you get the most relevant leads because they are SEARCHING for a solution. Because of that, you will always pay a premium for those people – and for the specialists that create the funnel and the ad for you.

2) Facebook allows you to target any major demographic or interest. PRO: Lower cost vs. CON: many people who see the ads are unqualified. But it can get you in front of a lot of interested people, especially with the new Facebook Tracking Pixel. You need an expert for this.

A funnel along with with (Google or FB) ad creation can cost a bit to start up, then become more affordable after that point – it just needs to be managed (watched and constantly improved for performance) consistently.

3) Posting, to your page and to groups (SMM), can get you a lot of exposure – we post to about 1M a week! It’s free except for your time (finding groups, writing posts, posting), and the training you’ll need to do this effectively. But the qualified audience is the lowest here – and it’s not free to do it right.

You can use the same funnel (message/branding, landing page with form they fill out for download or more info, CRM, email campaign) for all 3 options, but Posting can be automated, so once set up, will be the least expensive.

So how can you get the best results from your digital marketing?

It’s simple Create a FUNNEL:
1) Build a Landing Page with your CALL TO ACTION!

2) Run FB ads AND make your posts, all with your landing page link.

3) Use an email responder to contact the ones who fill out the form for YOUR FREE INFO (pdf, video, web page, webinar,etc.)

4) Build a list of people who are searching for what your client offers and browsing websites that indicate they are going to make a purchase, then run email campaigns!
After all, an email list if the one most important asset when you go to sell a small business!

5) Sit back and watch your business grow!

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