It seems like common sense, but why wouldn’t you want all your systems integrated into one database, on one interface?

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Think about how, if you are doing digital marketing, you have landing pages for your ads, your Social Media, your videos – everything you do, right?

Let’s back up a step – we are assuming that you know that you should be tracking your marketing campaigns with the number of “hits” your associated landing pages are getting.

Let’s back up another step – we are also assuming you are running planned campaigns so you can test what works for you (or not).

OK, back to landing pages. So you spend your hard earned money (a lot of it) to run ads and you get people to sign up in your Lead Capture forms.

Let’s back up again to make sure you have a really good reason for them to sign up. You are getting signups, right?

So what happens to that information your prospect enters? If you’re a service business, most likely they want your attention ASAP, so are you following up and do you have their information in a database (CRM) so that you can enter that you called back and what they wanted?

Your database should have been updated with the prospects information when they entered it – you should not have to enter that at all – ever.

Hopefully, if you’re working with a digital marketing company, you’re getting lots of leads. If you’re not, you should stop reading right now and call us – we’re affordable.

How do you remember them all, if/when you called them back and what they wanted?

Then what if you wanted to put them on your schedule, for a visit or follow-up call (whatever)? What if there were 10 an hour? (Again, call us if that sounds like a lot.)

Oh my, I’m getting dizzy with all this important information that I’d never remember – especially when I’m working trying to get projects finished and dealing with problems.

Then there are reschedules – and you’re trying to use your phone or Excel – either one is sadly lacking.

But wait, there’s more!

Now you have a work order for a project, someone needs a quote, you have to deliver or ship an order, you need to check if you have an item or part, or if you have someone available to do the work scheduled, and about a dozen other things.

Are you REALLY still trying to use tools that don’t work for you? Or one of those big, expensive systems that you just can’t figure out, that make you change your business processes to fit them and that put you on overload every time you try to use them?

Are you able to send out email campaigns by selected category from Excel or your phone?
Are you able to add up your leads and where they came from to see what’s working for you so you can adjust your budget to the right lead generation campaigns?

Do you know that SBA (Small Business Administration) statistics on business longevity?
80% fail,
15% just break even,
3% do OK,
2% are killing it.

Where are you? Where do you want to be?

First, you have to have the system in place to handle the traffic, then you have to generate the traffic.
Or maybe your business is really just a hobby.

1-Box not only handles all this, but much more. Simply, easily, affordably.

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