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TLC Specializes in Marketing, Automation and Integration
for the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you know exactly what you need to do to break $1M revenue in 2020 in your business?
Want our testimonials and case studies showing that we can help you do this?

  • Financing – We can provide monthly payment plans in most cases – just ask!
  • Training – A full Business and Marketing Masterclass – Skyrocket Business Growth.
  • Digital Marketing – We guarantee ROI or you don’t pay! Proven results – Google Domination package.
  • Automation – Proven tools to save you time and money. Reach 630M users with TLC Connect.
  • Integration – Real time updating of all your information into ONE database (one system) for tracking and analysis – THE MONEY IS IN THE FOLLOW UP!
Investing in your business with guaranteed ROI marketing and infrastructure, working smarter, will allow you to grow faster and without roadblocks. Because we work as your partner, we can finance over a period of time while we’re working with you.
We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you follow our guidelines.

Think Large Consulting is global and has two locations – Houston and St. Louis.

Dawn Cassara,
CEO Think Large Consulting

Your Technology Partner

Dawn Cassara worked in Corporate America as a Systems Analyst, then with SMBs to help with their Web, Technology and Marketing needs. She consults to help them get the systems, web and technology they need and to understand their marketing choices so they can make educated decisions, weighing cost against outcome.

If you identify with any of the following, schedule a call right away with the Contact button:

For ALL Small to Medium Business :

  • Too much working ON your business, not IN your business?
  • Do you need more leads?
  • Is your lead generation automated?
  • Is your website a poster or a sales tool?
  • Have marketers taken advantage of you, not educated you?

If your revenue is 100K+ :

  • Is your business feeling out of control?
  • Do you need help reaching the next level?
  • Do you have a Marketing Strategy for YOUR business?
  • Would you benefit from a Business/Marketing Consultant?
  • Losing leads because you’re not organized and integrated?
  • Do you need one system where you can access, track and analyze ALL your info?

TLC provides Business, Marketing and Technology Consulting and Services to help take your business to the next level while avoiding costly mistakes.

We work with SMBs to get them on the right CRM/Business System and Marketing Strategy for their business and integrate all their processes, including their website, social media, email campaigns, invoicing, billing, Sales Funnels, analytics, scheduling – everything in one database. This saves time and money, but also gives tracking, analytics and follow up capabilities that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Companies hire us as a partner – they put us on retainer and often a percentage of their business to keep costs low and give us an investment to protect.

We offer a hosting option because our specialties are technology, security and SEO and this is where they cross over and affect each other heavily. We handle at least 2-3 security or hosting problems (website hacks, reliable backups, etc.), loss of domain control, bad hosting decisions (lack of customer support, access), etc. a month.

We also provide the best services for the price for Branding, Marketing, Graphics, and any Website, Hosting or Technology Services including eCommerce, WordPress customizations and CRM/Systems implementation.

Check out our ongoing Skyrocket Mastermind and Mentoring program proven consistently to
double and even triple your revenue! We have the testimonials to prove it.


“Marketing, Systems and Technology should be an INVESTMENT, not an expense.”


You are stuck, don’t understand what you need, don’t know who you can trust, can’t grow or scale your business to provide the lifestyle you’d hoped for.

Marketing, Web, Technology and Hosting companies try to sell you their product or service, not WHAT YOU NEED.

They don’t EDUCATE you on the WHY, WHAT and HOW, so you must GUESS.

Usually, there is not a CLEAR, DETAILED PLAN developed before they start,
    with TRACKABLE and MEASURABLE goals.

You didn’t stick to it because it didn’t PRODUCE RESULTS fast enough.



Most times your budget is wasted and has NO long term effects.



Research & Analysis to Develop a Detailed Marketing PLAN integrated
with ONE database (CRM) to handle all the applications you use.,


If “PIECEMEAL”, discounted, Product-of-the-Month marketing hasn’t met your goals,


Website Updates & Hosting, Forms & Scheduling that auto updates your database, email and/or text campaigns, a Text Opt-in number, eCommerce sales, Billing/Invoicing, Social Media Campaigns, User Portal, Leads Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Project Tracking, etc., etc., etc.


Don’t Settle For Less in 2020

What is a Marketing Plan and Why Do I need it?

It’s a detailed layout of the most effective venue, media and social elements that you need to appear in. The fact is that prospects need to see you in different places with the same message, specifically what you offer, why you’re different, your special or discount with a CTA (Call to Action) for YOUR prospects.

First, we do the research. This involves what you’ve done before and how effective it was. We’ve found that most times clients have only hit one or two strategies and have not been consistent or thorough at that.

A consistent approach across all types of digital marketing is most effective.

This means that you should be using several different Social Media approaches and venues, Email campaigns and/or text messaging, ads (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) and video (YouTube) to get your message out. Most importantly, you can use personal messaging to let people know you’re taking new clients. Your website should be a lead generator instead of just a brochure.

We’ll lay out a detailed plan, including posts, ad copy and blog suggestions you can use.

We offer a 3 month minimum action plan so that you can measure and track what is working the best for you and give it time to work.

The biggest problem we see with marketing is that it’s not given enough time to work.

Three months is about the minimum to get a real handle on what you need and what works best. That doesn’t mean you won’t get results faster, but we always want to get you the most results for the time invested.

Charge Forward

Problems We Solve:

  • Failure – The SBA statistics show that only 5% succeed, and only 3% actually do well enough for their dream lifestyle.  Many entrepreneurs start a business with high hopes involving their specialties, but few know or educate themselves on how to run a business and all the different marketing options with few who plan.
  • Investment – Most businesses fail through lack of investment in themselves in the two critical areas that we address – Business (especially systems, tracking and technology) and Marketing (choices that may be overwhelming).  Budgeting proper resources to marketing is essential to any businesses success.
  • Integration – We solve this problem by providing Strategic Analysis, Implementation of Systems and Services designed for each and every client. You can have just one system that handles all of your needs with the database connectors out today.
  • Control – Most marketing companies tend to keep clients unaware of the processes being performed for fearing the client will take over and loss of the account. We educate our clients on how to replicate the system which enhances their success. This puts you in control after our services are complete.
  • Confusion – Many digital marketing companies advertise that they can enhance one piece of a companies needs for marketing without developing the whole picture. They use the hot buzz words that may sound good, at discount prices, to satisfy the business owner in order to get their account. Many of these are not useful because every business has different needs and goals – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works effectively.




What We Can Do For You

We are DIFFERENT – we provide consulting plus all the services you need because your Business Systems and Marketing should be INTEGRATED. That’s where most companies fail and what most marketing companies won’t tell you.


We do extensive research and make recommendations.


A detailed plan is developed including Social Media interaction.


We’ll implement the plan, then train you on everything so you’re confident!


We are a Full Service Agency. We can also provide or recommend specialists.


Our Specialties

We Can Do It All.

Google Domination

Business Consulting

Market Research

Social Media/YouTube Setup & Posts

LinkedIn Campaigns

CRM Training and Implementation

From Our Founder

Why Business & Marketing Integration?

Systems Integration can make or break you!

It seems like common sense, but why wouldn’t you want all your systems integrated into one database, on one interface?

Why wouldn’t you want all your processes and data in one place so you can track and analyze what is working for you and what isn’t?

Why would you want to have to enter the same contact in multiple places?





TLC Programs


TLC Integrated Strategy Plan Development

TLC Integrated Strategy Plan Implementation

TLC Rocket Realtor Program

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Other Services

Video Creation and Editing

Professional Website Development

Email/Text Campaigns – LinkedIn download

Branding and Design

Social Media Lead Generation

Traffic Driving School eCourse (DIY)