We are a unique digital development and marketing company in that we show you exactly how things work and how to get your leads to flow – and we guarantee our programs!

Your LEADS turn into CUSTOMERS through this process:

1) automatically updated in from internet marketing to your 1-Box database,
2) then with 1-BOX CRM for your email/SMS marketing,
3) through your business processes, from scheduling and eCommerce right into order, invoicing and item tracking,
4) and that all updates into Quickbooks.


From web site interactivity to PPC GoogleAnalyticsto SEO, Social Media and Web Development we will show you the ins and outs… what works and what scams to be aware of.

We offer 5 INTEGRATED Core Services:

   G.A.I.T. – Guaranteed Artificially Intelligent Traffic:
    Get 60,000 Hits in 90 days or it is FREE (depending on program selected).
    Our Automated Intelligence provides the publishing of content that no human
    or team of humans can come close to for the price.
    Click Here for details.
    It is not going to stop working any time soon!
    Based on the way search engines appear to be developing, it is not likely that SEO will cease to be effective any
    time in the foreseeable future. Even audio and video searches ultimately depend on keywords the same as
    traditional text-based content; this ensures the continued success of SEO techniques.
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Google-Website2) Advanced Dynamic WEB DESIGN with Mobile Compatibility Build-In: Google has recently started penalizing sites that are not “Mobile Compatibile”.

Get an easy to manage Website (edits are done with a Web Browser) while getting a completely current and dynamic site.

We give you more than a “pretty” design – our web sites are geared to GATHER LEADS!
We’ll work with you on a Call to Action, provide forms and surveys, and highlight your difference – your WHY!


google-adwords-or-pay-per-click-management-company3) Advanced AD TRACKING and MANAGEMENT:
We have advanced tools to manage, track and optimize your PPC Campaign. For as little as $399 a month we can get your entire campaign set-up and making a profit.


CRM,Mass Email,Scheduling, eCommerce, Item Management, Cloud Storage, Quickbooks 4) 1-BOX  DATABASE:
Capture your leads with iForms.
Run your email campaigns,
Add eCommerce – enter your item information to drive your web site store,
Set up your private or public Scheduling applications,
     Go paperless with our Document Repository/Library,
     Interfaces with Google Apps, Quickbooks and we add any interface you need,
    AND MUCH MORE – all CUSTOMIZABLE to your business and AFFORDABLE.
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5) Profit Consulting:
We show you how Business, marketing and technology should all integrate, making your life SOOO much easier!

Do you know your target market?
Do you know which internet marketing is most effective for your type of business?
Do you have your social media accounts set up and are you using them appropriately?
Are you having SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing) done on a regular basis?
We do the research and can save you many thousands of dollars!